How to reset the ABB inverter when it fails – Clear the error of the inverter

This is how to reset the ABB inverter when it fails, so if you want to reset it to factory defaults, please refer to the manufacturer’s manual. So when the inverter shows an error, how to clear the error of the inverter. The following article will share with you the most useful information, please follow along.

cách reset biến tần ABB

1 – For any errors, is there a way to reset the ABB inverter?

The inverter is an important equipment part in the motor control system of the industrial machinery chain. Therefore, when the inverter fails, it needs to be fixed on the spot as quickly as possible. Whether it can be fixed immediately or not also depends on the fault condition of the inverter.

With some errors such as overload, over voltage, over current, there can be a way to reset the ABB inverter right after checking these characteristics. There are 3 ways to reset as follows:

+ Method 1: This is the most common way: turn off the inverter power then turn it back on. However, it should be noted that with large capacity inverters, there is a capacitor to store the capacitor, so the discharge time will be long, so when the power is turned off, the inverter must be completely turned off.

+ Method 2: Use the error reset key on the control screen of the inverter (this method only applies to some inverter lines that support error reset on the screen). Usually denoted as RESET or STOP .

+ How to reset the 3rd ABB inverter: This way, it is necessary to install the fault reset feature on the inverter, then you just need to press the button to reset the error.

Note: Before resetting the inverter, you need to carefully check the cause of the error and also fix the error. Because if resetting the error continuously, it may cause damage to the inverter and then the manufacturer will refuse the warranty.

2 – What errors can’t reset ABB inverter?

With errors related to hardware such as damaged IGBT, power circuit, controller, screen, .. there is no way to reset ABB inverter. When having such errors, it is necessary to have full tools as well as specialized techniques to check and find the damage, from which there is a way to fix it.

In addition, if the error is related to the settings, the error cannot be reset, it can only be reset to the original factory default mode. Then you need to refer to the manufacturer’s manual. When you reset to the original default, all parameters will return as new. Therefore, with the settings related to motor protection, PID parameters, and communication, the inverter will not be able to run properly as before.

Thus, VPIC has shared some issues around how to reset ABB inverters, if you have any questions and need support, please contact the hotline: 0896 422 224.

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