Inverters in industry – the benefits and notes when using

Inverters in the industry are more and more popular because of their good benefits and compatibility with machinery and equipment. In this article, we will learn about the benefits and notes when using inverters in industry.

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1.The benefits of using inverters in industry

1.1.Changing the speed and reversing the motor rotation cơ

Inverter is a type of device capable of changing the motor quickly and easily because the starting current of the motor is not more than 1.5 times.

If compared with traditional starting lines, this inverter will work much more efficiently.

The way to change the speed of this device is very good. Therefore, it always brings very good benefits to the users.

In addition to changing the speed, the inverter also reverses the motor’s direction very quickly through the connection with the power supply for direct current input.

It will then change that current into alternating current to help users see the outstanding advantages of the inverter.

Thanks to such benefits, most businesses put inverters to use in industries.

1.2.Reduce startup speed

When the inverter reduces the starting current, making these devices from high starting process to low starting process will help the motors avoid carrying large loads.

In addition, the inverter also helps these devices avoid damage to the mechanical parts, its internal components and at the same time helps to increase the life of the motor.

Users need to pay attention to these things to reduce the inrush current reasonably, which will make the use of the inverter more efficient at work.

1.3.Energy saving

Due to the characteristics of the inverter that can change the starting speed of the motor easily, the device has the feature of saving electrical energy very well.

Users will avoid energy consumption and reduce energy costs when using the device.

When the inverter is operated at a specific and precise speed, the loads do not need to run at their full capacity.

Therefore, it will help to save electricity by 20-30% compared to using the traditional starting system.

1.4.Safety protection for electrical system

When the inverter starts directly, the starting current will be many times lower than the rated current. If using a traditional starting system, the starting current will be higher than the rated current.

But if there is an inverter, the operation will be quieter and smoother.

Meet the needs of the user. In addition, thanks to the inverter, the transformer itself will not experience voltage drops when operating other electrical equipment in the same power system at the same time.

The loads in the water pump, air compressor, etc. need to control the flow/pressure, the inverter will quickly stop the motor and then switch the motor to no-load mode.

This helps to save energy and protect the electrical system safely in the best way.

1.5.Safety monitoring and control

The inverter has very good monitoring capabilities and at the same time makes the power system significantly safer.

Not only that, the inverter can also help other electrical equipment work in parallel with the inverter in a stable way.

The production process of enterprise equipment has increased, meeting the great needs of consumers. Thanks to the integrated control system, it is easier than ever to monitor the operation of other electrical equipment during the work process.

The benefits of the inverter bring to the user an effective way to help the work achieve unexpected results.

2.Notes when using inverters in industry

When using the inverter, it is necessary to have a purpose to use the device.

The user manual must be read carefully before use.

Install the inverter in a pre-selected location to avoid excessively high temperatures, which will affect the durability and performance of the inverter.

Ensure that the surrounding environment always has the appropriate temperature and humidity.

It is necessary to use devices and support tools that need safety equipment and work to help them be more stable.

Note that the power supply should be disconnected before performing equipment maintenance.

If any inverter is found to be faulty, it should quickly find out what causes the error in order to fix it.

3.Popular inverter brands

Some popular brands of industrial inverters on the market include Schneider, danfoss, siemens, Ls, etc.

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