ABB ACS355 inverter – Detailed information and installation instructions

The ABB ACS355 inverter is a versatile machine that can run many industrial applications. It features a micro-drive range that meets compact size requirements and is optimized for a lower power range, saving costs and ease of use. ABB inverters are designed to be fast drives, saving you time. They are specifically designed to meet the production and performance needs of integrated systems.

Here are some detailed information and installation instructions for the ABB ACS355 inverter

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1-Details on ABB ACS355 inverter

1.1-Application of ACS355 inverter

ABB inverters are designed to meet the requirements of specialized machinery. The ACS355 inverter is used for food and beverage, material handling, lifting equipment, textile, printing, rubber, plastic and woodworking applications.

1.2-Outstanding features of the ACS355 inverter

Compact hard drive and uniform design

Quick test run with the assistant app macro control panel

Safety torque off function as standard

The ABB ACS355 inverter also has sensorless vector control for induction and permanent magnet motors up to 599Hz.

Integrated brake unit

Product variant IP66 for harsh environments and solar pump drive transformer available.

1.3 Specifications

Input voltage of inverter: 3 phase 380 ~ 480V  50/60 Hz
Inverter output frequency from 0 to 600 Hz
Output power: 5.5KW
Analog Input : (4 – 20mA, 0-10V)
With digital input
Overload 1.5 times in 1 minute
PID control, torque control…
1 relay output 1N0 + 1NC
With EMC filter
Communication : Profibus DP, Modbus

1.4 Cooler and fuse

1.4.1 Cooling

The ABB ACS355 inverter is standard equipped with a cooling fan. The cooling air must be free of corrosive substances and should not be higher than the maximum ambient temperature of 40°C (50°C at deceleration). Heat dissipation from IP66 / IP67 / UL Type 4X drive equivalent to IP20 UL Open values.

1.4.2 Fuse

Standard fuses can be used with ABB inverters. Alternatively, a Manual Motor Protector can be used to protect the installation.

2 Installation Instructions ABB ACS355 inverter

2.1 – Wiring diagram for ABB ACS335 inverter

The variable resistor of the ABB ACS355 inverter will be connected to the +10V pin to provide 10V power, the middle leg of the rheostat is connected to AI1, and the GDN pin is 0V.

The common foot switch is connected to COM, flows straight to DI1, runs backwards, then connects to DI2.

The remaining pins will be used as multi-speed or JOG pins.

2.2 – Some basic parameters of ABB ACS335 inverter

Parameter 1103: where 0 is frequency setting on the inverter’s keypad, 1 is running by external variable.

Parameter 1001: if select 8 is to use RUN and STOP keys on the fader, select 9 is to run by forward and backward switch.

To increase and decrease the speed of 2202 and 2203

2.3 – How to install and reset ABB ACS355 inverter to default

Before resetting the ABB ACS355 inverter to the factory default mode, we need to perform a parameter backup so that resetting to the default will not cause the inverter to lose all its settings.

To reset, just need to enter the parameter 9902=1 and then enter, the inverter will reset to the original default. Before resetting, you need to make sure that the inverter is in STOP mode.

Those are the detailed information about the ABB ACS355 inverter that VPIC shares with you. Hopefully the above information will help you in learning and choosing the right type of inverter for your work needs.

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