Which country’s ABB inverter? Current popular ABB inverter lines

Talking about ABB inverters is no longer a strange name for most customers, but few people know which country’s ABB inverters? So are you wondering about this? Or join VPIC in decoding about ABB inverters as well as find out what popular ABB inverter lines are available.

biến tần ABB của nước nào

1 – Which country’s ABB inverter?

First of all, we need to understand what the name ABB is? The predecessor of the multinational corporation ABB is the combination of two famous brands in the technology world, ASEA and BBC.

ABB is the abbreviation of the phrase Asea Brown Bover, which means a business with a large and outstanding vision. And in 1988, ABB was officially established after merging two corporations ASEA and BBC. Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland with principal activities in robotics, electrical, heavy electrical equipment and automation technology.

So with the question of which country’s ABB inverter, you have a full answer. With more than 130 years of establishment and development, ABB has continuously innovated to become one of the leading corporations specializing in providing inverters in the world.

ABB has an extensive product portfolio of inverters ranging from small single-phase to three-phase inverters and converters up to megawatts.

2 – Current popular ABB inverter lines

After knowing which country’s ABB inverter, VPIC will introduce to you the popular ABB inverter lines today.

2.1 – ACS55 inverter (small type)

This type of inverter is commonly used for speed control of 3-phase asynchronous motors, 220VAC, 0.18 – 2.2kW, IP20. Output frequency is 0 – 120Hz

The machine has 3 DI digital inputs, 1 AI input, 1 RO . input

Has a variable speed variable resistor

Often used for simple machines such as packaging, automatic doors, fans, pumps, …

2.2 – Inverter ACS550 (standard)

This type is used to control the speed of 380VAC 3-phase asynchronous motor, capacity from 0.75 to 355kW, power factor is 0.98, output frequency is 0 – 500Hz.

Built-in EMC filter, brake controller with capacity up to 11kW,…

Used for constant torque or variable torque loads such as conveyors, pumps, fans,…

biến tần ABB của nước nào

2.3 – Inverter ACS800 (large capacity)

This is a specialized type for large capacity crushers such as cement, steel, paper, …

Thus, VPIC has shared information about any country’s ABB inverters as well as introduced to you the current popular models. Please contact us via hotline: 0896 422 224 for more details and free consultation.

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