Elevator inverter – An important device in the elevator controller

Today, using energy economically and efficiently is what businesses are aiming for. And one of the energy saving solutions that businesses choose to use is inverters. In addition to being used for production machinery, there is another important system that is applied, which is the elevator inverter. This helps the elevator system to operate stably, quickly, accurately, and improve safety.

If you are also in need of an inverter for the elevator system, please join VPIC to find out the questions related to the elevator inverter system in this article.

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1 – What is an elevator inverter?

Today, elevators play a very important role in life, helping to transport goods and people up in a short time. We can easily see elevators everywhere from commercial centers, buildings, constructions or even households with high-rise buildings.

Because of the high demand for elevators, power consumption is always a problem for businesses. With advanced technology, numerical control system, computerization, humans have found a solution to this problem. That is the elevator inverter, the best solution for the moment.

First, it is necessary to understand what is an inverter concept? The inverter is a device that helps to change the frequency of the current of the coil inside the motor and thereby change the motor speed steplessly. When using an inverter, it is not necessary to use a mechanical gearbox, but only uses semiconductor components to close and disconnect the motor’s wires in order and thereby generate a rotating magnetic field that rotates the rotor.

The elevator inverter also works on the same principle, whose task is to control the speed of the elevator and motor so that it stops at the right position, the elevator works faster and saves more electricity. It is thanks to this inverter that managers no longer have to worry too much about safety issues, speed up and down, overload of the elevator cabin. Limiting possible problems such as door jams, sudden stops of ladders, falling ladders, stopping on the wrong floor, etc. Problems can also be resolved quickly and help customers feel secure to use.

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2 – Types of elevator inverters

Divided by function, there are types of elevator inverters as follows:

2.1 – Elevator door inverter

Inverter for elevator doors is designed to be compact, with light weight, so the elevator doors open and close faster. Especially when the elevator has a problem, the cabin stops working, the elevator door still ensures the safety of the people inside.

2.2 – Inverter system integrated elevator control

The elevator control integrated system includes: control software, communication network, elevator inverter. Help improve safety and operate the elevator faster, smoother and softer.

3 – How does the elevator inverter work?

The motor used to operate the elevator is a 3-phase synchronous motor, so the use of the inverter will help the elevator’s speed be controlled more flexibly, helping the elevator stop on the right floor, avoiding floor deviation, the speed of the ladder up and down is stable.

In addition, there is also the use of a semiconductor transformer to help the system automatically identify the motor being controlled through the network. The inverter helps control the current through the motor, making the starting process smoother, improving the system’s durability. Elevator inverters help reduce installation costs, reduce elevator maintenance costs, do not need too much space to install machines, etc.

Especially, it helps to save a significant amount of electricity costs because the inverter converts the source’s efficiency is very high thanks to today’s modern technology, creating optimal semiconductor components.

When applying Inverter to the elevator system, the manager is no longer too worried about not being able to control or control the transmission energy process. Because you can already control the elevator system through the inverter to protect against overload, over temperature, over current, over voltage too low or phase loss and phase difference, ..

4 – Some note

Like other equipment, in order for the elevator inverter to work effectively and efficiently, it is necessary to note some of the following issues:

+ Need to buy genuine inverter, suitable for the elevator system you use. It is recommended to use genuine products because of the affordable price and long-term warranty. In addition, technical support will be provided thanks to the technical documentation of the inverter provided when you install or use the inverter.

+ It is necessary to immediately stop the activities of transporting people and objects up and down by the elevator when the inverter shows an error. Find the error and fix the problem right away, then restart and get the ladder up and running.

+ When installing the elevator inverter, it is necessary to ensure the conditions of temperature, humidity and mounting position. Because if you install it outdoors, the inverter will quickly fail, then you need to put the inverter in a sturdy cabinet and have a ventilation fan.

+ The climate in Vietnam is tropical monsoon, so semiconductor components are very sensitive. Therefore, when choosing an inverter, it is necessary to give priority to those suitable for the climate here.

+ The capacity of the inverter needs to be suitable for the type of elevator, the number of floors to move, the capacity of the elevator as well as the type of motor. Avoid overloading the inverter.

Today, with the speed of development and urbanization, more and more high-rise buildings and buildings are built and so the need to install elevator inverters is an urgent need.

If you are in need of learning and choosing the type of elevator inverter for your project. But still wondering about the price, users can contact VPIC via hotline: 0896 422 224 For a free consultation.


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