ABB inverter error often occurs and how to fix it

ABB inverter failure is a question that VPIC often receives from customers. This article shares with you common inverter errors and instructions on how to fix them. We invite you to follow along.

ABB inverter is a popular brand, gaining the trust of the majority of customers because of its features and reasonable price. However, Inverter ABB can still generate some common basic errors. Here are some common ABB inverter errors and how to fix them.

lỗi biến tần ABB

1 – ABB inverter gives error F0002

F0002 is the overvoltage fault, this error occurs when there is an inertial load phenomenon. This is because some functions require a discharge resistor to be attached, and the discharge resistor is assigned an inconsistent value and capacity.

*How to fix:

When you get this error, you need to:

+ Review the control function of the inverter

+ Check that the discharge resistor attached has the correct parameter or not

+ Reset the inverter with suitable parameters.

2 – ABB inverter gives error F0016

ABB F0016 inverter error is an error that occurs because the isolation resistance of the motor and the inverter is below the allowable level.

*How to fix:

+ Review motor isolation resistance trở

+ Review the motor connection cable, the length of the connection cable.

3 – ABB inverter gives error F0021

Error F0021 is an error caused by measuring the inverter current.

This is an error that occurs due to many reasons, so in order to find out the exact cause and how to fix it, you should contact the hotline number 0896 422 224 for VPIC technical support.

4 – ABB inverter fault F0035

ABB F0035 inverter error occurs due to 2 reasons as follows:

Motor with output wire is short circuited

+ The IGBT inverter is damaged due to a short circuit in the input wire

*How to fix:

+ First check the motor wire connector

+ Check the inverter control board

+ If the IGBT is damaged, replace it with a new one.

5 – Inverter ABB error F0009

Error F0009 is the error caused by the motor overheating, there are 2 causes of this error:

+ Motor must operate with current close to rated on a regular basis

+ The control circuit of the inverter is faulty when in use

*How to fix:

+ When this ABB inverter fails, it is necessary to immediately check the operating voltage and current of the motor, based on the actual value to determine the correct cause.

With electronic equipment, failure is possible regardless of the brand. But ABB inverters still have highlights for customers to choose to use such as:

+ Energy saving

+ Operation is always stable

+ Helps reduce production costs and limit maintenance costs phí

+ Extends the life of the device

+ Motor torque is controlled directly.

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